Hillcrest completed our home this last Spring after what must have been one of the rainiest times on record.  We are very satisfied with the construction and workmanship of the finished product.  This timber frame home had its share of challenges, as would be expected, and in the end, we are proud of this home….its features, and overall look.

Doug/Hillcrest was instrumental in suggestions and recommendations that were implemented to provide benefits and increased value in the end in the home.  It was a joint effort with many folks involved in the process, but with Hillcrest at the helm to bring it to completion.  In the end, Doug/Hillcrest build a beautiful and classy home with many unique features…..we are proud of what they did on our behalf!
Jim & Deb Kovanda
The Reserve at Lake Keowee

My wife and I hired Doug Coghlan and Hillcrest Homes in November of 2013 to build our home in Salem, South Carolina. We completed our home in December of 2014. Doug is a first class builder and was great to work with during this project. Living in Pittsburgh, building for the first time ever and doing this project from a distance was not always the easiest or most efficient for us or him, however, Doug and his very personal style was able to get us through the project to ultimately get what we think is a beautiful dream home. Since we had a design/drawings done by another party, he was able to take that, get to know us along the way and then added many additional great ideas throughout the build process. He was also very flexible to accommodate and make sure we incorporated our own personal taste versus a generic interpretation of the design. Like most build projects, we chose to exceed budget in certain areas, however, he guided us to make the decisions that would make most impact in key areas, versus just someone trying to upsell at every corner. Overall, we started with a builder and at the end, ended with a great and quality built home as well as a great friendship. I highly recommend Doug and Hillcrest to anyone looking to build in our area.

 Joe & Suzan Aiello ( The Cliff’s Keowee Fall’s South )

Aiello Front
Nenno Front

We hired Hillcrest Homes to build our new home at the Cliffs Vineyards on Lake Keowee in South Carolina. Total project cost was +/- $1 million (excluding land) and took approx. one year to complete. I found Doug Coghlan, owner of Hillcrest to be extremely easy to work with. We developed an excellent working relationship which was critical since we were still living in Michigan while the house was being built in South Carolina.
This was a custom home with a considerable amount of architectural detail. The home is a hybrid “post and beam” style. The p & b detail is spectacular and is a focal point on both the exterior porches and decks as well as entry foyer, dining room and lodge room. Stone is used extensively on the exterior and interior of the home and the outcome is also spectacular. Doug’s attention to detail insured that all of the work was done to the highest of quality standards. Also Doug’s creativity resulted in suggestions and enhancements to an already beautiful design.
The end result was a home that is not only very beautiful but also receives superlative compliments from all who come to visit. Being a custom home meant that budgets were critical and Doug did an excellent job in managing all aspects of the project and insuring that costs for all facets of the process were closely controlled and continuously reviewed with me to my satisfaction.
We are extremely pleased with the finished home and are open to showing the home to prospective clients of Hillcrest Homes.

 Dave & Rosemary Nenno ( Cliff’s Keowee Vineyards )

Doug and his team of highly trained artisans built our Timber home , The home is beautiful and contains many custom finishes created by the team. Words alone can’t describe the beauty and detail of our wonderful retreat. I can recommend Doug as a creative force who won’t let you down and can build the finest home within any budget, 5 star Builder with 100 % honesty and integrity across the board.

Styperek Residence

Miller Rear

We hired Doug Coghlan and the Hillcrest Homes team to build our dream home on Lake Keowee. Building a new home is challenging enough, but we built our home in South Carolina while living in Northern Ohio. Our architectural drawings were completed by a third party. Several times, items on the drawing details were determined to be erroneous and had to be changed or modified during construction. Doug and his experienced team did a great job of interpreting and adapting the changes to bring our lake house to life. Doug and his team were very responsive and available whenever we visited or called to answer questions, provide advice and keep us updated on progress. Doug, Thomas and the entire team were very dependable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. They were focused on the details and ensured all the work was done to the highest quality standards. We are very satisfied with the finished product and know that Doug stands behind his high-quality reputation. We would highly recommend Doug Coghlan and Hillcrest Homes of Keowee to anyone looking to build a quality custom home in upstate western South Carolina.

Laura & Kurt Miller, Waterside Crossing

Hillcrest Homes built our lake house on Keowee. The process was collaborative, customer-focused, on budget and timely. Doug is very customer focused and will always make decisions with the customer in mind. Many outside people like inspectors and contractors commented on the clean job site and the quality of construction. Mike, our foreman, was outstanding and a pleasure to work with.

Joe & Colleen Nassab , Cliff’s Azalea Ridge

Nassab Front
Escuri Front

We hired Doug and Hillcrest to build our new house and had a very good experience. We love our home and were very happy to find Doug to be upfront and honest about everything. Building a custom home is a complex process and we were warned by everyone to expect cost overruns and delays. We had neither and are very pleased that Hillcrest delivered our home on time and on budget!

John and Stephanie Eskuri, Cliff’s Springs

Doug is an outstanding builder that puts very creative ideas into action. He prides himself in his ability to build the very best product at the most reasonable price. Our home nearly 7,000 sq. ft. was completed on time and within budget and we could not be more pleased. Our friends and family and those who see our home are in awe of the quality and creativity that Doug created, if your looking for an honest,creative, passionate and professional builder look no further than Hillcrest Homes.

Ed & Missy Grisham ( Cliff’s Keowee Falls North )

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 12.38.57 PM

Doug has done an incredible job building our house. His workmanship, eye for detail and desire to get it done right make the difference. He has built our home, renovated our basement (added 1500 sq feet), installed 2 bathrooms, 1 extra bedroom, 1 home gym and 1 plunge pool in the backyard. I couldnt be happier with his level of service. If we move again, he is going to build our next house for sure.

Chris & Sydney ( Cliff’s Keowee Vineyards )

Doug and his team at Hillcrest Homes completed construction on our home this year. Doug believes in quality construction and yet stays on top of trends in the home and products market to give the customer a well planned and executed project that will last. Our home was well constructed and perfectly placed on our lot to capture breathtaking panoramic views of mountains and lake. Doug is very creative and passionate about building a dream home for his clients and has a very professional and knowledgeable team to complete a project in a timely manner.

Matt & Vallie Taylor ( Cliff’s Keowee Vineyards )

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 12.39.48 PM

Doug Coghlan and his team did a spectacular job on remodeling and completing our home in The Cliff’s Communty. Also he created an outdoor space with a kitchen and outdoor living area and an awesome inground spa. I totally trust his judgement in color, design, creativity, and anything pertaining to building. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He deserves more than five stars, definitely a pro. We bought another home in The Reserve and their team is updating the home with new kitchen , fireplaces, and adding a new wing complete with guest quarters and my own “TiKI BaR” , another spectacular job by team Hillcrest.

Joe & Sue Kucik  ( The Cliff’s Keowee Falls North & The Reserve Lake Keowee )

I would have no reservations hiring Doug & Hillcrest Homes to work for us again. He and his employees completed work in a timely manner to our satisfaction. He was easy to communicate with and offered valuable suggestions. We live 15 hours away, so we had to hire someone we could trust. Through our email, phone and original face to face conversations, he was very confident he could deliver and he did. They did a variety of work for us, sealing our crawl space, painting, building a firepit and some light construction, etc. We would highly recommend.

Tom Thomsen ( North Lake Keowee )


Doug Coghlan, leader and chief of Hillcrest Homes is truly one of a kind. He sees to it work is at the highest quality. You can trust him with your keys, codes and even to have contractors take their shoes off when the house has just been cleaned. He advises on cost saving options and consults with options already in mind. Having been under his support and care, we can’t imagine looking any further than Doug the next time we are in need of contracting construction, remodeling services or a new Custom Home.

John Miller ( Cliff’s Keowee Falls South )

Hillcrest Home completed major renovation of exterior and remodeling work of interior. The project updated the home so it could be sold in a competitive market, and it worked ! We sold the home thanks to Doug’s expertise. Doug Coghlan took the time needed with meetings to discuss ideas for design and project scope. Their work was exactly as requested and over and above in some details. I was very pleased to have selected Hillcrest Homes for this major project and can recommend them highly , without reservation for any custom home building process.

Stephen Sherman ( Cliff’s Keowee Vineyards )

Doug and his team have completed numerous renovations and new home construction jobs for my clients. I have always found Hillcrest Homes to be responsive, competitive and thorough in their job performance. Doug is easy to work with and always tries to exceed his client’s expectations. He has an artistic side which adds a refreshing dimension to his work.

Justin Winter ( Realtor , Lake Keowee Cliff’s & Reserve )

We were introduced to Doug by our realtor, Justin Winters. His work and his work ethic are nothing short of outstanding. He has great ideas and can pretty much do everything. Best of all, when he does something, he does it right the first time. He has become our friend and will always be our go to guy whenever we need something done around the house. My highest recommendation goes to Doug and Hillcrest Home of Keowee.

Alan & Chris Miller ( Cliff’s Keowee Falls South )

 We hired Doug Coghlan as he was highly recommended for our new home. The project was completed very timely and his company did an excellent job. The stonework, landscape and painting crew was excellent. We were very saisfied in quality and cost. Highly recommend Hillcrest Homes for any construction , renovation or new home.

 Mr.& Mrs. Cassetori ( Cliff’s Keowee Falls North )

Hillcrest Home of Keowee Inc. is a great company. I would highly recommend them as an excellent contractor. Expect your expectations to be exceeded.

 Jonathan Hyman ( Architect at Donald Gardner & Associates )

The highest recommendation I can give is when one of my clients highly recommend a Builder. This is not something I have heard often in my 10 years at The Cliff’s and The Reserve at Lake Keowee. Doug Coghlan comes highly recommended from his custom home clients and  I continue to recommend Doug Coghlan to my clients whom are looking for a custom home builder.

Bruce May ( Realtor @ Jocassee Realty )

I have worked with Doug Coghlan and his firm Hillcrest Homes on many lakefront homes, he has always provided service and quality to meet the demands of the custom home market at Lake Keowee. I can recommend Doug and his team without reservation to provide quality, creativity and competitive cost for any construction project or custom new home.

Libby Zorbas ( Realtor @ Keller Williams )

Libby Zorbas

Douglas is an extremely conscientious builder who not only watchs the bottom line, but has the finesse to combine customizing the details of architecture, décor and blending with the environment. His quality of workmanship is high end, his attention to detail in kitchens , baths etc. is unlike I have ever seen. I have specialized in luxury housing for over 17 years. I would personally hire him for my primary home. His personableness allows him to know the client and build according to their needs. I would give him more than 5 Stars, unquestionably the best luxury builder I know at the lake.

Jere S. ( Realtor @ The Cliff’s Communities )

Doug Coghlans ability to assist anyone in the home building/design is the highest of anyone we know. He is most importantly a great listener, he does not come with an agenda to push but brings out the best ideas jointly and then implements them cheerfully with a great group. He is also willing to “ get his hands dirty “ and pitch right in. he has a great attitude and genuinely cares about the people he helps. If you want the best …..go to Doug.

Diane & Steve Hayes ( Owner Three Pines View Bed & Breakfast )

Doug Coghlan is a luxury home builder with over 30 years of experience. His clients service, attention to detail ,and ability to deliver a beautifully finished home on time AND within budget is unsurpassed. Doug brings years of experience, a commitment to quality, and a vast knowledge of product and workmanship to every project. Having worked with Doug on some of his finest homes, I can readily say he is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to the most discerning of clients.

Kris Atwood ( owner Atwood Fine Cabinetry )

If you are looking for a builder with Integrity…vision…does what he says he’ll do..come in on budget and on time…then Hillcrest Homes is the builder for you !

 Diane Johnson ( Broker @ Keller Williams Realty Lake Keowee )


Doug is a passionate and skilled craftsman that I would easily recommend. He is easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable about his craft. His personal home needs to be in magazines. It is a masterpiece of creativity. Doug has given me a lot of tips that help me in my craft too!

Aarons Fine Architectural Photography

Doug takes PRIDE in his craftsmanship, VERY PROFESSIONAL and TRUE to his word, refreshing dealing with an HONEST CARING builder.

Alan M, Cliff’s Falls South


Hillcrest Homes built a Bedroom/Bath addition on my home. They did an excellent job – exactly what I wanted! AND they finished by the deadline! All of their employees/contractors were very professional.

Diane Walker Cliff’s, Falls South

Doug Coghlan and his team did a spectacular job building our home, as well as an outdoor kitchen and outdoor living area. I totally trust his judgement in color, design, creativity, and anything pertaining to building. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He deserves more than five stars, definitely a pro.

V.V. Cliffs Falls North

I would have no reservations hiring Doug & Hillcrest Homes to build for us again. He and his employees completed work in a timely manner to our satisfaction. He was easy to communicate with and offered valuable suggestions. We live 15 hours away, so we had to hire someone we could trust. Through our email, phone and original face to face conversations, he was very confident he could deliver, and he did. We would highly recommend.

Barb H. North Lake Keowee

Hillcrest stayed on budget – there were no surprises at the end. The staff was professional and showed up at the time agreed upon. They did a good job cleaning up before they left. We are very happy with the results and would use them again for other possible projects.

Rogan Cliff’s Vineyards

Doug of Hillcrest Homes completed our home on time and within budget.   Hillcrest spent a generous amount of time meeting with to discuss ideas for design and project scope. Their work was exactly as requested and over and above in some details. We are very pleased with our decision to use Hillcrest Home Inc.

Stephan Sherman Cliff’s Vineyards

Living 800 miles away we needed a company we could trust to do quality work and on time. Hillcrest is that company. After we purchased our home there were interior and exterior issues that needed to be addressed. We met with Doug and went over the projects. We were kept informed, sent pictures and received phone calls. A new fireplace was installed on our screen porch, garage doors were refinished, new gutters and other smaller projects. When it is time to build our permanent home, we will be building with Hillcrest.

Leon S. Cliffs Vineyards

He was recommended to us by our realtor. I can’t say enough about Doug. He has been nothing short of outstanding. Not only does he continue to do work at the house, we have become friends. He has an excellent team working with him and just as important he has reliable subs. His work is always spot on. He has even gotten us out of a few jams when we needed quick fixes on the weekends. Nothing seems to be out of his reach or too much of a bother. I would recommend him to anyone without reservation

Wizwell @ Cliffs Falls North