Construction Concierge


For the Homes, We Built & Others


The Hillcrest Group of fine artisans are employee’s, not subcontractors who come and go and are unreliable, unknown, and of questionable character or questionable skills.

Our team is licensed, bonded and insured. You can trust and rely on our known reputation and skill sets.

Our team is available on a limited basis for many home projects and maintenance. We have expert carpenters, stone masons, painters and handymen.

Carpenter Concierge & Property Services

The Hillcrest Group is 100% focused on serving our clients’ individual needs after the completion of their project. Ongoing home maintenance, warranty care, on-call, and construction concierge services are all provided to our clients on an as-needed basis. Going well beyond expectations is the norm with this versatile and personalized offering.

Home Repairs and Handyman

From changing filters in the HVAC system when required, installing window screens in the summer, installing hardware, small electrical repairs, basic plumbing, and a host of other services The Hillcrest Group is dedicated and prepared to provide labor and materials to keep your home looking beautiful and functioning optimally.

Kitchens, Baths, Closets, and Custom Woodworking

The Hillcrest Team is available on a limited basis for home restoration and remodeling, updated kitchen cabinets, a custom closet, and other projects, we offer many levels of integrated services all held to the same quality and construction standards of all Hillcrest Homes design-build projects.